Using Data-on-Card allows all four platforms to be seamlessly integrated with one another. 
Our HS4 SVN solution is a new concept in access control that allows users to upgrade the extent and functionality of their system - easily, instantly, and cost-effectively - whenever their needs change. HS4 can be used for a wide range of access control applications, with users choosing the level of control they need. Applications range from Stand-Alone locks to Virtually Networked Systems, Real-time Wireless Controlled Systems, and allowing mobile device credentials.  

SAN - Stand Alone Network Highlights  
  • Data-on-Card technology
  • Up to 4 million users
  • 65,000 openings
  • Users can be added without visiting the lock
  • Users can be deleted without plugging in a handheld device to lock
  • Audit trail
  • Lock functions can be chosen on site.
  • Multiple calendar options available
  • Lock options available include: cylindrical, mortise, rim cylinder, mortise cylinder, padlock, camlocks, and deadbolts
  • No wiring costs
SVN - Salto Virtual Network Highlights 
  • Data-on-Card technology
  • Up to 4 million users
  • 65,000 openings
  • User information and access rights updated automatically at revalidation points
  • Offline locks with online capabilities
  • Automatic alerts from locks with low battery levels
  • Eliminates walking with a programmer device
  • Cancel lost keys with a click of a button
  • Instant changes to user access privileges
  • Audit trail without the need to visit the lock
  • No wiring costs
RFnet - Wireless Real-time Network Highlights 
  • Data-on-Card technology
  • Up to 4 million users
  • 65,000 openings
  • Uses AES 128bit encrypted radio frequency communication
  • Extremely low battery power consumption
  • Maximum 8-second lockdown
  • Real-time audit trail
  • Real-time door status control
  • Real-time battery monitoring
  • Real-time key management ensures locks receive canceled key updates as soon as they are generated
KS - Keys as a Service
  • Cloud-based solution
  • Data-on-Card technology
  • Eliminates server maintenance, cloud-based is always up-to-date
  • Real-time monitoring
  • Over-The-Air (OTA) control by using an internet connected smartphone, tablet or PC
  • Reduced operational expenses
JUSTIn Mobile Highlights 
  • Option 1 - smartphones can be used as credentials using JUSTIn app (fee-based system)
  • Option 2 - new access rights can be sent to NFC enabled smartphones allowing the phone to update the credential by presenting it to the smartphone